5 Winter Lawn Care Tips for Waterloo & Cedar Falls

winter lawn care waterloo

Winter is coming. That’s a thought many Waterloo & Cedar Falls residents don’t like to think about.

A good start in the coming spring is dependent on how we prepare the lawn for winter.

Here are five things you can do to keep your lawn healthy over the winter and lush in the spring.

1. Fall Preparation

raking-2Bfall-2BleavesLawns that are properly prepared in the fall will be more lush and green in the following spring than lawns that are not prepared.

It’s always a good ideas to aerate the lawn and overseed if necessary in the fall. This will give the grass more “breathing room” and allow it to be thicker in the spring.

Also, proper mowing, fertilizing and raking is pivotal to protecting your lawn from harsh winter conditions.

2. Mowing Practices

bluegrass lawn care mowing 1For the last few cuts of the year, you should lower your mower height to cut the grass shorter. This prevents little creatures from seeking warmth in long grass and also reduces the amount of grass that will go dormant and brown.

If the grass is really long when you go out to mow at the end of fall, do not shock the lawn by cutting off too much at once. Cut off an inch or so and wait a few days or a week before mowing again to the correct length.

However, be careful not to cut the lawn too short. When the lawn is cut too low right before winter, it can suffer from frost damage.

3. Fertilization

IMG_6375Before the first freeze, and Cedar Falls lawns should be fertilized to replace nutrients that were lost during the summer heat.

Once winter comes, the soil will retain the nutrients and feed grass roots all winter long.

When spring arrives again, your lawn will be lush and green from all the fertilizer nutrients it was feeding on under the snow.

4. Clean Up the Lawn

raking-2BleavesAs many leaves as possible should be removed from the lawn. Leaves that are not removed can become compacted with snow during the winter, causing the grass beneath to suffer and die off.

While raking the lawn and clearing leaves is extremely important for the lawn, also removing any lawn furniture, toys, logs, etc is equally important.

Anything left on the lawn that can become snow packed over the grass resulting in the suffocation of the lawn. In the spring these areas will be thin and have stunted growth.

5. Avoid Foot Traffic

frost lawnWhen the grass is brown and short, it should not be walked on. Grass is very resilient, but it will be more difficult for it to recover if there is a well worn path across the lawn during winter months.

Be sure to keep sidewalks cleared of snow to help prevent anyone from walking on the grass.

Also, do not drive vehicles on the lawn during winter months. Even the smallest car can damage the soil and kill grass, giving place for crabgrass and other weeds to grow in the following spring.

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