Fertilization & Weed Control Services in Waterloo & Cedar Falls, Iowa

Our trained lawn fertilization and weed control experts at Lawn-Tek know the exact steps to follow in order to ensure your lawn looks its best year round. Our focus from day one has been on providing the absolute best lawn treatments in the Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa areas. Our Lawn Care Service Technicians are highly specialized in only lawn and tree and shrub care services. We don’t want to be the Jack of all trades; we want to be the absolute best lawn care provider in the Waterloo and Cedar Falls areas!! 

Lush, weed-free backyard oasis

Choose from our gold, silver, and bronze lawn care packages or a custom lawn fertilizer and weed control plan. While keeping in mind your goals, budget and unique needs, we can transform your lawn into a lush, weed-free backyard oasis - Guaranteed

Lawn Treatment Packages Include:

tree shrub care cedar rapidsLawn Fertilization
tree shrub care cedar rapidsWeed Control Treatments
tree shrub care cedar rapidsLime Treatments
tree shrub care cedar rapidsGrub Control
tree shrub care cedar rapidsLawn Aeration
tree shrub care cedar rapidsand More!

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Spend Your Weekends Outside!

A lawn with healthy grass, trees, and shrubs is the perfect “weekend getaway”! With our professional lawn treatment technicians on the job, you will receive effective and friendly services, while ensuring that your lawn is in great shape for those backyard barbecues and garden parties.

Effective Treatments, Amazing Results

Each of our lawn care treatments are precisely timed and measured to provide optimum results - Guaranteed! Each of our lawn technicians are fully trained to identify the weeds and pests that are common and unique to the Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa areas. After each lawn service, our technicians write up a report on the health of your lawn. This is to ensure that you are always up to date on the health of your lawn!


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