What You Need to Know About Tree & Shrub Care

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Trees and shrubs are beneficial to your landscape because they add structure, color, and texture to the focal points of your yard. Maintaining them is key to ensuring that they stay healthy and add curb appeal to your landscape.


tree staking tree careNewly planted trees may need to be staked if you have a hard time keeping them upright. They should only be supported for the first year or two. Stakes should then be removed so that they can develop a sturdy trunk and root system.


Many trees and shrubs do not require supplemental nutrients from a fertilizer unless they are in an area with poor soil or a subdivision where nutritious topsoil has been removed. Over fertilizing can be tempting, but this could cause damage by burning plant roots. Flowering trees and shrubs that have been over fertilized may flower less than one that has been fertilized correctly. offers tree and shrub fertilization packages for year round maintenance.


proper pruning treesNo matter what trees or shrubs you are growing, it’s a good idea to prune off dead or diseased branches. Not only does this help the the plant look better, but it also keeps any diseases from spreading.
Areas that may also need pruning are any branches or stems that block walkways or that grow into the side of a house or other structure. You will also want to remove any branches that rub against another branch. As bark gets rubbed off, the tree or shrub become more susceptible to disease.


During the first few years in the ground, you will want to water new trees and bushes regularly (about and inch a week). Once they are established, they will not require as much regular watering, except for periods of drought. The plants’ root systems are good at finding moisture, which is why the ground is often so dry around a tree.
If you are interested in a free quote on tree & shrub care, please contact us today. Lawn-Tek is dedicated to helping the metro area with their lawn care & maintenance needs.
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