This is The Worst Thing A Lawn Care Company Could Do

This is The Worst Thing A Lawn Care Company Could Do

The worst thing any lawn care company could do is hand their employees a bunch of chemicals, keys to a truck, and send them on their way.

No training…

No guidelines…


This will not only be harmful to your property, but it’s also harmful for the employee.

Whether you live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Des Moines, Waterloo/Cedar Falls, or the Quad Cities, you deserve a lawn care company that will safely and effectively care for your property.


_ec1c4b4b_Lawn Care Personal Protection Equipment

At Lawn-Tek, all of our lawn application specialists are required to wear the proper personal protection equipment.

When applying fertilization, herbicides, and pesticides, all employees will have rubber boots, khakis, long sleeve shirts and gloves.

We also place a flag in your yard as a reminder to not walk on it after treatment. This will protect you from having chemicals tracked into your house or vehicle.


Fully Trained Lawn Application Specialists

Each of our employees are fully trained and licensed before we send them out to treat lawns.

Basic on-the-job training for our lawn care technicians include monitoring lawn quality, fertilizing and liming grasses, seeding and aerating lawns.

Our employees are also expected to learn how to recognize common grass and plant diseases and the best treatment methods.

We also train our technicians to use the machinery – lawn sprayers and spreaders, aeration equipment, etc. – that will be required for providing lawn treatments.

We want to protect your property and our employees by training them to use equipment and chemicals correctly!


Exceptional Customer Service

lawn-tek service guarunteeWhile making sure our employees will do the job to our standards – which we hold very high – is very important, we also expect them to leave each property with happy homeowners.

That’s why we discuss the importance of effective communication.

We believe in our process and our people so much that we personally guarantee your satisfaction with the Lawn-Tek Guarantee.

You are the judge, if our work is not excellent, we will re-do the service in question for FREE.


Our lawn care technicians are excited to serve , Iowa City, Waterloo, , and the .

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