5 Benefits to Pondless Water Features

pondless water features cedar rapids

A pondless water feature provides the soothing sound of running water in your landscape without as much maintenance or water usage as a traditional pond. Water is stored under your feature in a basin that also contains the pump and housing. The pump and housing are concealed by rocks and gravel.
Water is then circulated from beneath the rocks and gravel by the submersible pump and travels through tubing to the water feature that you and our team have designed. The water then travels down the stream and empties back into the concealed water storage basin were it continues to recirculate through the feature.
Here are some important benefits:

_997b79bb_1. Low Maintenance

Much less maintenance is required with pondless waterscapes. No need to add chemicals and there are no fish to maintain and care for. Leave more time for enjoying your landscape without the hassle.

2. Safety

Since this is not a traditional pond that has an open body of water, pondless water features are much safer for children and pets. This is a safe way to add beauty to your landscape with out the worry of water accidents.

3. Keep the Bugs Away

Mosquitos love to build their nests in standing water. There is less opportunity for this to happen with a pondless waterfall feature from Lawn-Tek. Enjoy the sound of soothing water on a hot summer day without the annoyance.

_11388b29_4. Less Costs

There is no ecological need to run a pump 24/7, so the feature can be turned off with a timer or when you’re on vacation. There is also less water usage since it recirculates. You may need to add water occasionally due to evaporation, but it will be far less than a traditional pond.

5. Landscape Focal Point

You’re beautiful new pondless water feature will be a focal point in your landscape. It will become an instant conversation piece with your guests and neighbors.
Contact us today about our custom water feature installation. We will help you choose and design a beautiful (and soothing) backyard oasis in Iowa and the surrounding areas.
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