Best Solutions for Pest Control in Des Moines, Iowa

pest control solutions des moines

A common problem for homeowners is pests in the lawn.

These unwanted visitors are often hard to eliminate and can even be a danger for our families and pets.

This is why we are committed to offering the best and most effective lawn pest control in Des Moines, Iowa.

Common Lawn Pests in Des Moines and Surrounding Areas

pest control sod webwormsSod Webworms

Damage from sod webworms will first be seen by dead patches in the lawn scattered throughout the healthy grass. They bite off grass blades at the thatch level, just above the dirt and drag the blades into tunnels they’ve built in the thatch. These areas will often look like they have been cut very short.


Most ticks live best in areas of high grass, brush, around woodpiles, or in wooded areas. They can cause great harm to both you and your pets. Ticks carry a variety of disease, with the most popular being Lyme Disease. It’s important to keep your family and pets safe by treating your lawn for these insects so they do not make their way into your house.


Grubs feed on grass roots just below the surface of the soil. This causes the grass to die off and loosens the turf from the soil, making it easy to pull up and roll away like carpet. They also invite other pests and rodents into the lawn that like to feed on grubs. Grub control in addition to a lawn fertilization program will keep your lawn healthy and grub free.


Ants not only cause great problems for your lawn, but they also make their way into houses and be come a nuisance. They cause the most trouble during hot and dry weather. While ants themselves are not harmful to your lawn, their ant hills cause damage by smothering grass, exposing grass roots and making an uneven ground when mowing.

Getting Professional Pest Control Help in Des Moines

bluegrass lawn care mowing 4At , our lawn pest control technicians are fully certified and trained to apply pest treatments up to the foundation of your home. While we do not spray for pests inside your home, our effective pest control treatments in your lawn will help keep them out of your house.

Our four pest treatments include one in early spring, early summer, late summer, and fall prove to be effective either as a stand-alone service or combined with our fertilization and weed control service plans.

If you are interested in a free quote on insect control, please call us today for a over the phone or to schedule a free pest consultation with one of our technicians.

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