Personalized Lawn Fertilization in Iowa City IA

lawn fertilization iowa city

No two lawns are alike. Therefore, every lawn fertilization program is different.

That’s why we tailor every lawn treatment program to each of our customer’s specific needs.

When your lawn is properly cared for, you will reap the benefits of a lawn fertilization program in Iowa City.

Building a Custom Lawn Treatment Plan in Iowa City

A thorough lawn analysis is pivotal to setting up an effective lawn fertilization and weed control program.

Lawn diagnosis will include: need for core aeration, weed analysis, etc.

All these factors will influence the effectiveness of a lawn treatment program.

Iowa City lawn treatment options include:

  • lawn fertilization
  • pre and post-emergent weed control
  • disease prevention
  • grub control
  • and more!

When Lawn Applications Should be Applied

IMG_6375Timing and consistency is really important to lawn fertilization and weed control.

Treating the lawn once a year will help your lawn, but a lawn care plan with 5-7 treatments per year is most effective.

Here is the recommended treatment times and applications:

Early Spring. This is when your lawn needs extra nutrients in order to maintain color and density that can be provided by a quick release fertilizer. It’s also a great time for core aeration.

Spring. A slow release fertilizer in the spring will help prepare your lawn for summer as the weather turns warmer. It’s also time to apply preventive crabgrass control.

Early Summer. Grub control and lawn pest control should be applied in early summer to give season-long protection from grubs and pests. Grub control is highly recommended on all lawns as these pests can especially wreck a lawn.

Summer. This summer treatment is important for preparing the lawn for the warm days ahead. Fertilization and weed control may be necessary as problems become evident at this time.

Late Summer. Lawn care continues with a late summer fertilizer application to help maintain color without encouraging excess growth. Weeds should be treated again if necessary. Grubs are especially damaging during summer droughts, so if present, a grub treatment should be applied.

Early Fall. Your lawn will need help rebounding from summer stress. Proper fertilization will help facilitate recovery and weeds should be treated as necessary. It’s also a great time for a fall aeration and to seed any bare areas.

Late Fall. The late fall winterizer promotes root growth and food storage which is  important for your lawn’s survival during the winter months.


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