Lawn Care Tips for Recovering from Winter Stress

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In the and areas, most of us have snow covered lawns from the storm we had a few weeks ago. In addition to the snow, we have cold temperatures turning melted snow into ice on our lawns. This causes soil compaction and a loss of minerals and nutrients. Proper treatment with lawn aeration and fertilization applications will get you on the right track for a beautiful Spring and Summer lawn.

During the winter months, your lawn has undergone stressful conditions due to the snow and cold. Once the snow has melted off your lawn, you may notice some unappealing conditions. Here are a few things you can do to help you lawn get off to a healthy start:

Lawn Aeration for Compacted Soil

lawn areation cedar rapidsHeavy snow and foot traffic on the grass compacts the soil and keeps air and beneficial nutrients from getting to the grass roots. This is especially a problem in the winter while the grass is in a dormant state. Once the snow has melted and warmer temperatures are arriving, it’s good idea to aerate the soil in preparation for fertilization. Without proper lawn aeration, fertilizer or weed control applications may not benefit your lawn because they cannot get into the soil and reach the roots. By aerating the lawn, you are allowing the roots to breathe and grow while allowing water and nutrients provided by the fertilizer to penetrate the soil. recommends that the Cedar Rapids area have their lawn aerated yearly.

Lawn Fertilization Treatments

While your lawn is in a dormant state it looses beneficial nutrients and minerals, especially if it was not properly treated in the Fall in preparation for winter condition. Fertilizer encourages growth and provides a boost to existing grass. This is also a great time to apply a weed control herbicide so that you are encouraging grass growth and discouraging weeds. Lawn-Tek understands the Cedar Rapids Metro Area and are prepared to treat area lawns with a treatment program that is beneficial to our conditions.

Repairing Lawn Spots from Ice Melt Damage

salt damage to lawnAfter the snow has melted away and green grass starts growing again, you may notice brown spots along your driveway and sidewalks. This could be damage caused by ice melt products. Many of these products contain salt which can kill your lawn. Keep an eye on these areas and if they remain brown while the rest of the lawn turns green again, you may have a problem. Many times, the melting snow and spring rains will wash the salt away and your lawn will recover on its own. However, in severe cases where brown dead areas never recover, you will need remove the dead grass and repair the area.

Lawn-Tek is fully prepared to help the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City areas with lawn aeration and lawn fertilization services. It’s our goal to offer the best lawn care services and make area lawns lush and beautiful this season!

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