Top 5 Lawn Care Tips for Des Moines Homeowners

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If you want to have a healthy and beautiful lawn in Des Moines, Iowa, knowing how to properly maintain it is extremely important. Proper lawn care has the potential to increase your property value in a very simple way: the first impression. A beautiful lawn differentiates your home from other homes of equal perceived value, which will likely add dollar value to your home.

Here are five tips for increasing the property value of your home and making your lawn greener and healthier:

Des Moines Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

IMG_6371One of the best things you can do for your lawn on a regular basis is to have strategic fertilization and weed control applications. Fertilization is important for keeping the turf grass healthy and strong, making it more resilient to weeds, diseases, lawn insects, drought, etc. It strengthens grass roots, helping them grow deeper and stronger. Weed control will get rid of any weeds in the lawn and also keep weeds out.

Lawn Mowing Done Right

Lawn mowing is probably one of the most mundane tasks that a homeowner has. However, it is important to lawn care when done right. Maintaining your mower blades and keeping them sharp will protect your grass from disease and discoloration by making crisp, clean cuts. Also, keeping the right mower height will help your lawn stay beautiful. Taller grass helps prevent weeds and makes the lawn more resilient to drought during the hot summer months.

Lawn Aeration to Reduce Soil Compaction

bluegrass lawn care mowing 1Soil compaction is when the ground gets so hard and packed down that it’s like trying to grow grass on concrete. This happens when there is a lot of traffic on the lawn from pets and animals or from standing water from flooding or heavy rainfall. Core aeration removes plugs of soil from the lawn, allowing the soil to breathe and give access to air, water, and nutrients. Aeration allows grass roots to spread and grow stronger.

Tree & Shrub Care to Compliment a Beautiful Lawn

We often think of lawn care being only for the grass. However, proper tree and shrub care is pivotal to lawn care health and property value in , Iowa. Trees and shrubs suffer the same nutrition deficiencies, insect and disease problems as the lawn does. A common and deadly problem that we are seeing in Iowa is the up rise of Emerald Ash Borer. This is a very destructive bug that is killing ash trees around the state. Tree and shrub fertilizing is especially important to young plants.

Lawn Insect Treatments for a Bug Free Lawn

ants lawn pestsLawn pests can be very frustrating! Ants are one of the biggest problems that we see and without treatment they can make their way into homes and cause more headaches than any homeowner bargained for. Other insects to watch out for are sod webworms and ticks, along with many other nuisance and surface feeding pests.

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