Healthy Lawn Care pH Levels for Cedar Rapids Areas

cedar rapids ph soil testing

pH levels and soil acidity can all seem a little confusing and unimportant, but it is an important part of lawn care in and surrounding areas. Simply put, soil pH level is the measurement of acidity in the lawn. pH levels are scaled from 1 to 14 with 7 being neutral.

In the Cedar Rapids area, we have Bluegrass lawns that perform best with a pH level between 6.0 and 7.0.

Why is This Important to Cedar Rapids Residents?

Soil pH determines how well the lawn can pick up nutrients. This is extremely important when you want to have a beneficial lawn care program. You’re efforts to have regular fertilization and weed control treatments applied to your lawn could be all for naught if your soil is too acidic or lacking in acidity.

If you suspect that your lawn levels may be off and would like to have your soil tested, please contact our lawn care specialists. We will soil samples from your lawn and send them to Iowa State University to have the soil levels analyzed so that we can provide a customized treatment for what your lawn needs.

pH Level Correction for Cedar Rapids Area Lawns

SoilTest1For lawns that have a high pH level, a lime treatment would be recommended. Lime moves slowly through soil so you would want to have several small lawn care applications instead of putting it all on the lawn at one time. We would also want to take note of the soil texture. Lime moves through sandy soil much faster than clay, making it take effect much quicker.

Lawns with a low pH level require sulfate of potash and magnesium treatments. Other ways to lower pH levels is by applying compost, composted manure, or acidic organic mulches, such as pine needles.

Before treating your lawn, it’s important to have a specialist take samples of your soil to determine the exact treatment your lawn requires. Applying unnecessary minerals to your lawn could make it worse. A pH level test will show you exactly what you need to have a healthy and well balanced lawn.

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