Love Your Lawn This Spring with Lawn Aeration

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To keep your grass healthy, lawn aeration at the right time of year is important. Lawn aeration is a remedy for soil compaction and problems with nutrient absorption. If you’ve noticed standing water on your lawn after rainfall, bare patches of grass, or heavy thatch in your lawn, these are all signs that you’re lawn needs to be aerated.

The Lawn Aeration Process

lawn care aeration cedar rapidsAerating your lawn can yield huge improvements to the health and appearance of your yard. When you hire for lawn aeration, one of our lawn care specialists will use a machine to cut evenly spaced 1- 1 1/2″ diameter by 4-6″ deep plugs from the ground that consist of turf, thatch and the underlying soil. Over the space of a few weeks, those plugs will break down again and release nutrients back into the soil. This also allows water, air, and nutrient rich fertilizer easier access to the root system which encourages growth.

How Aeration Helps Your Lawn

Reduces Thatch Problems. By regularly having your lawn aerated each year, thatch issues will be minimized. Thatch is organic material that builds up between the soil and green grass leaves, preventing water and nutrients from reaching the root system. Aeration pulls some of that thatch up as the plugs are removed. If you believe you have a serious thatch problem, please request a for dethatching your lawn and we help you decide the right service.

Alleviates Soil Compaction. Soil compaction occurs when the soil becomes very hard after excessive traffic, the soil becomes so compacted that nothing will grow in that area. Removing evenly spaced plugs from the soil allows the ground to breathe and roots to expand.

Aids Grass . It is helpful to aerate your lawn before seeding to improve seed-to-soil contact. When the soil is compacted and thatch is too think, the seed cannot reach the ground and your efforts will be fruitless.

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We highly recommend having your lawn aerated in the spring to get it growing healthy for the coming summer months. In the spring, grass shoots are just starting to regrow and when you aerate, it helps water and nutrients get to those new roots, helping them grow thick and strong. After lawn aeration we recommend overseeding if necessary and setting up a custom lawn fertilization and weed control program to keep your lawn green and health all season long.

What to Do Now?

Lawn aeration does not need to be done frequently – usually only once per year unless you have severe soil compaction. Our lawn aeration service cost around $60 for an average size lawn. To schedule a free quote for the exact rate and set up a lawn aeration service, please call 319-310-1553 or fill out our online estimate request. One of our lawn care specialists will contact you promptly to schedule an appointment.

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