Here’s a Quick Way to Keep Your Landscape Plants Healthy


Cosmetic Benefits

There are many benefits to picking the right color and texture of mulch for your landscape project. Dark mulches make brighter plants and flowers stand out for greater contrast. It’s a great finishing touch to your plant beds or around trees by filling empty spaces. Unlike grass, ground covers, and other fillers which require mowing and watering, mulch is very easy to care for and does not compete for nutrients from your plants. It cuts down on the time it will take to keep your plant beds and property looking sharp throughout the season.

Plant Health Benfits

mulch cedar rapidsMulch has many more benefits to your trees and shrubs than meets the eye. In hot summer days, mulch helps prevent moisture loss which also lessen the amount of time you need to spend watering plants. The moisture stays around the root zone of your plants. By blocking sun light to the soil, mulch also prevents weeds and grass from sprouting up. Any weeds that do grow through are easier to pull because the ground stays moist. The ground under the mulch stays up to 10 degrees cooler in the summer, reducing stress on the plants and keeping them just as healthy as when you planted them. Another benefit to mulch is that it keeps the soil from splashing onto plant leaves, reducing the chance of plants getting certain diseases.

Need Help?

Lawn-Tek Mowing & Landscaping would be glad to help you select the right type of mulch for your trees and shrubs. Contact us today and we will give you a on your lawn care and landscaping project in and surrounding areas.
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