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sodWebwormDamageDuring the season, undesirable pests such as ants and sod webworms can surround your home on the outside, causing damage to the grass and landscape. Lawn-Tek has different applications and programs designed to specifically address the outdoor pests in your lawn.

Our nuisance and surface feeding pest programs are designed to get bugs and pests out of your lawn and landscape, as well as keep them out. The Programs are a series of outdoor pest treatments that provide an insect shield around your home or office, reducing the number of insects such as ants, grubs, sod webworms, and ticks from entering.

Fleas & Ticks are undesirable insects that can spread disease and to leave painful sores where they bite. Protecting your pets and family from these disease carrying pests is important. We offer multiple pest treatments to treat fleas and Ticks. Contact us about our treatment options.

Grubs are turf destroying insects in Iowa City. Depending on the amount of grub activity in your lawn we will recommend the best treatment options.

Ants are increasingly becoming more of a nuisance in the lawn and landscape. We offer varying control options, depending on the severity of the problem.

Pest Control Treatments for:

tree shrub care cedar rapidsNuisance & Surface Feeding Pests
tree shrub care cedar rapidsFleas & Ticks
tree shrub care cedar rapidsGrubs
tree shrub care cedar rapidsAnts

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