The Best Pricing Guide: How Much Does Lawn Service Cost?

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2015 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy in 2016.

We understand one thing that may be holding you back from finding a lawn care company is the uncertainty of how much it’s going to cost.

And it’s time consuming to get quotes from a bunch of different lawn care services and then have to decide which company to choose.

Well… we have the best lawn service cost pricing guide for residents in the , , , , and areas.

Most lawn care companies won’t make it this easy to find ballpark numbers, but we want this process to be easier for you and help you get started in making decisions for your lawn.

Here is a break down of our lawn service costs:


Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

bluegrass lawn care mowing 2

Keeping a regularly mowed and maintained lawn is pivotal to the curb appeal of your home. We have taken our expertise and created three different service options based on your schedule and individual needs. Packages include:

  • weekly mowing, blowing, and trimming
  • fall cleanup
  • spring cleanup
  • weekly stick & debris cleanup

Benefits of hiring a professional:

We pay close attention to the best lawn mowing practices for keeping a healthy and beautiful looking lawn, such as:

  • keeping the mower at the proper height and the blades sharp for a clean cut
  • keeping the proper height based on the grass type, time of year and growing conditions

Lastly, and perhaps the biggest benefit of all, we handle the hard work while spending time doing the things you truly enjoy!

Our Maintenance and Lawn Mowing prices start at: $30/mow (A typical lawn care season is 7-8 months.)


Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

IMG_6372 bWe understand conditions in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Quad Cities, Waterloo, and Des Moines areas. Specific treatments that work in one neighborhood may not work in your neighborhood.

You deserve to have a lawn that you can be proud of! Our lawn treatment packages include:

  • fertilizer and weed control program with golf course grade fertilizer and weed killer
  • grub preventative
  • pest control treatments for surface feeding insects
  • fall aeration and overseeding

Benefits of hiring a professional:

One of our fully certified lawn care specialists will analyze your lawn and customize a lawn treatment program that is specific to your needs.

No more guessing when to fertilize (or what store brand works best), we use top quality products that are proven to work.

We will apply lawn treatments strategically throughout the season so you don’t have to worry about it any longer!

The starting price for our Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control packages is: $30 per treatment


Lawn Aeration

aeration slider

Lawn aeration once a year can greatly improve the health and appearance of your lawn. The benefits of aerating your lawn are:

  • reducing soil compaction
  • improved water penetration
  • improved fertilizer uptake & use
  • improved rooting
  • and much much more

Benefits of hiring a professional:

Not only do we know the signs to look for that make lawn aeration necessary, but we also know how to properly use the equipment so that your lawn will receive full benefit of aeration.

Our lawn care specialists will also advise you on a lawn fertilization program that will be most beneficial to your needs following aeration. Continuing with proper fertilization is a great way to guarantee that your always lawn looks it’s best!

The starting price for Lawn Aeration is: $60


Nuisance & Surface Feeding Pest Control Treatments

pest control sod webworms

We deal with a variety of pests in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Quad Cities, Waterloo, and Des Moines areas.

Not only does this make your lawn more enjoyable but it also reduces the chances of getting these bugs in your house.

Keep your lawn free from many different pests including: ticks, ants, sod webworms, and more!

Benefits of hiring a professional:

Our lawn pest control technicians are fully certified and trained to apply pest treatments up to the foundation of your home.

While we do not spray for pests inside your home, our effective pest control treatments for your lawn will help keep them out of your house.

Our four pest treatments include one in early spring, early summer, late summer, and fall prove to be effective either as a stand-alone service or combined with our fertilization and weed control service plans.

The price for Pest Treatments on an average size lawn is: $50


Tree & Shrub Care

photo 3 (2)

Trees and shrubs are an important aspect to your landscape and keeping them healthy and looking beautiful is just as important as your lawn.

Effective tree and shrub care includes:

  • feeding and fertilization
  • tree insect care
  • disease control
  • dormant oil/anti desiccant injections
  • iron/manganese injections
  • deer repellent
  • pruning

Benefits of hiring a professional:

Our tree and shrub experts have over 20 years experience diagnosing diseases and treating trees and shrubs to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Upon diagnosing your trees and shrubs, for insects or disease, we create a tailored approach to give your trees and shrubs exactly what they need to flourish.

The starting price for our Tree and Shrub Care packages is: $25 per treatment


Emerald Ash Borer Treatments

emerald ash borer

We have been helping Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Quad Cities, Waterloo, and Des Moines communities plan for and respond to Emerald Ash Borer.

Adult EAB beetles live on the outside of the tree and feed on the leaves during the summer months. The larvae, which look similar to white grubs, feed on the living material under the bark of ash trees. Ultimately, trees are killed by the tunnels created by the EAB larvae, which disrupts the tree’s vascular flow.

The key is treating ash trees before they become infested with Emerald Ash Borer beetles.

Benefits of hiring a professional:

Our tree, shrub, and lawn care specialists have almost 20 years of experience in detecting, preventing, and treating trees for diseases and insects, such as EAB.

We can treat ash trees in the spring, once the tree begins to bud and continue treating affected trees every 2 years once the insects have reached your locale.

We use a proven and effective product called Tree-Age, an insecticide developed by Aborjet. It is applied by drilling small holes in the trunk of the tree and injecting the insecticide into the vascular system.

The starting price for EAB Treatments is: $100 per tree


More Benefits to Hiring Lawn-Tek

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