How Did I Get All These Weeds?

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Many and homeowners are probably wondering how they got so many weeds in their yard. In short, lawns love rain… and so do weeds! While it’s very good for lawns to get rainfall or irrigation, it’s important to remember that not only is the grass being fed, so are the weeds. If your lawn has barren spots or thin grass growth, you are even more susceptible to weeds. Keeping on a regular and effective lawn care program will keep weeds out and the grass lush and green.

A Thick, Healthy Turf

thick healthy lawnA thick and healthy turf will help prevent many weeds from growing. Weeds seek barren places that are filled with sunlight and receive plenty of water. Proper lawn care practices will keep the turf thick and eliminate the opportunity for weeds to grow. We will provide you a free lawn care quote and determine a specific plan for your lawn care needs. Some services we may suggest include:

Lawn Aeration

aeration-plugsLawn Aeration helps your lawn breathe and receive nutrients. Over time, soil becomes compacted making it difficult for water, nutrients and air to reach the soil and roots. With lawn aeration, plugs of soil will be removed from the lawn so that water, nutrients and air can reach the roots making them stronger and in turn, producing a thicker lawn.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Program

lawn fertilization weed control cedar rapidsTreating the lawn and feeding it beneficial nutrients will help you maintain a beautiful yard all season long. Our lawn care packages all include treatments with golf course grade fertilizer and weed control treatments, ranging from 5 to 7 applications. We will treat the lawn in early spring with a quick release fertilizer and continue throughout the season with applications including preventative crabgrass control, grub control, and late fall winterizer. We will customize a lawn treatment program that is specific to your lawn care needs.

_1ff15334_Lawn Pest Control

Another reason you may have barren spots in your lawn where weeds are likely to gather is because of lawn pests. Ants and sod webworms, just to name a few, can become infested in the lawn and kill existing grass. They burrow beneath the soil, sometimes eating grass roots, killing the lawn from the bottom up. Our staff is trained and certified to treat your entire lawn up to the foundation of your home for surface feeding lawn pests.

Effective Weed Control

We have helped Cedar Rapids and Iowa City homeowners treat many different types of weeds. From crabgrass to creeping charlie, we’ve seen it all. Knowing when and how to properly treat for weeds is pivotal to a successful lawn care program. We do not provided a cookie cutter lawn care service. Our customers deserve more than that! We will give you a full lawn analysis, identify weed problems and provide you with a professional and effective solution. Contact us to set up an appointment for a free quote by calling (319) 310-1553 or fill out our online form.

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