How Can Lawn-Tek Help With Your Spring Lawn Care?

How Can Lawn-Tek Help With Your Spring Lawn Care

With Spring just around the corner, many of us are thinking about getting our lawns in shape for summer fun and activities. Here are some of the services that Lawn-Tek can provide to help with lawn care needs in , , , Waterloo, and .


Soil Acidity Testing

SoilTest1Harsh, long winters can cause the pH levels in your soil to become very acidic, which makes it difficult for most grasses to thrive in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Quad Cities, Waterloo, and Des Moines.

This is extremely important to an effective lawn care program. You’re efforts to have regular fertilization and weed control treatments applied to your lawn could be all for naught if your soil pH levels are off.

If your soil has a high acidity, we can apply a lime treatment to your lawn. The lime neutralizes the acid and makes the soil more suitable for new grass growth.


Fertilizing in the Spring

lawn-tek fertilizationIn early spring, your lawn needs extra nutrients to maintain color and density. At this time we will apply a quick release fertilizer. When the weather turns warmer we will apply a slow release fertilizer that will prepare your lawn for hot and dry summer conditions in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Quad Cities, Waterloo, and Des Moines.

A well-balanced lawn fertilization program is needed to keep your lawn thick and healthy. The proper treatments at optimal timing are important for getting the results you are looking for. We have a tried and true process that is proven to give our customers the lawns they want.


Dealing with Weeds

If you know that your lawn is prone to weeds, early spring can be a good time to apply herbicides to prevent the weeds from developing. Dealing with weeds before they’ve grown is much easier than trying to get rid of them once they have fully matured.

An application of pre-emergent weed control in the spring should take care of any of the weeds that survived your fall treatment.


Spring Lawn Aeration

aeration-plugsTo keep your grass healthy, lawn aeration is important… and spring is a great time to do it! Aerating your lawn can yield huge improvements to the health and appearance of your yard.

Lawn aeration relieves soil compaction and solves problems with nutrient absorption. If you’ve noticed standing water on your lawn after rainfall, bare patches of grass, or heavy thatch in your lawn, these are all signs that you’re lawn needs to be aerated.

When you hire Lawn-Tek for lawn aeration, one of our Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Quad Cities, Waterloo, and specialists will use a machine to cut evenly spaced 1- 1 1/2″ diameter by 4-6″ deep plugs from the lawn. Over the space of a few weeks, those plugs will break down again and release nutrients back into the soil.


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