Keep an Eye Out for Grubs: 3 Things to Watch For

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July and August are the months when grubs are most destructive for , Iowa and surrounding area lawns. You’ll want to keep an eye out for tell tell signs that you may have a grub problem. While many of the symptoms could be cause by outside sources not related to grubs, there are 3 specific things to be looking for. If you see any of these signs, contact a professional for effective grub control treatment options that can be applied before grubs cause more damage to your lawn.

Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles. These beetles will lay their eggs in the lawn during the last few weeks in June. The grub larvae feed on the lawn during July and August. It is during these feeding months that most of the damage to your lawn will occur.

Here are 3 symptoms of a grub problem that Cedar Rapids homeowners need to keep an eye out for:

Carpet-like Grass

grubs-in-lawnGrubs live just below the surface of the soil and feed on the grass roots. Not only does this cause the grass to start dying off, it will loosen the turf from the soil and make it easy to pull up and roll away. If grubs are present, you will be able to cut the turf and easily roll it bac, like carpet. Mostly likely you will quickly be able to see the culprits. The grass will look brown and fragile on the surface. This will give you an indication that you need to give the grass a tug to see if the roots of the turf have been eaten where grubs have been feeding.

Rodents and Other Animals

Grubs are part of the food supply for many other animals as well, most of them you do not want hanging around your lawn or house. These rodents and animals include: birds, raccoon, moles, and skunks… just to name a few. If you see evidence of animals digging in your lawn, it could be because they are feeding on the grubs beneath the surface. The easy solution to get rid of these pests is to eliminate their food source. The damage from these rodents cause increased problems… not only do you have brown, dying grass but you also have unwanted pests digging and tearing up the lawn.

The Grubs Themselves

grub cedar rapidsIf you can easily see or find grubs in your lawn, this is the most obvious sign you have a problem. Grubs are cylindrical and c-shaped, with legs similar to a caterpillar. They are most commonly identified by their milky white color. A few grubs here and there in the lawn is not huge concern, however, they should still be treated to prevent a larger problem in the future.

Grub Treatment for the Cedar Rapids Area

It’s essential to have regular lawn maintenance to prevent grub damage. Properly maintaining and keeping the lawn healthy will provide little opportunity for grubs to cause damage to your lawn. Please contact your Cedar Rapids Lawn-Tek lawn care professional to set up a full service lawn care program that includes regular grub control applications: call 319-310-1553

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