6 Important Fall Lawn Care Practices for Iowa City

fall iowa city lawn care

Iowa City temperatures are starting to get cooler in the mornings, reminding us that summer is almost over and fall is on the way.

This is one of the best times of year for lawn care.

It’s important to continue good lawn care practices during the fall. Using the time between now and winter is pivotal to keeping your lawn healthy and giving it a great start next spring.

Best Practices for Iowa City Lawn Care in the Fall

1.  Continue Mowing & Watering as Needed
Be sure that you are continuing with lawn mowing best practices. Towards the end of the fall season, you should lower the mower blade to the lowest setting for the last few cuts to reduce the amount of grass that will brown during the winter. Also, you should continue to keep up with your lawn watering schedule.

aeration-plugs2.  Lawn Core Aeration
Early fall is the most ideal time for lawn aeration in the Iowa City area. Aeration loosens the soil and allows air, nutrients, and water to reach grass roots. This is a great time to consider in areas of grass that are thinning. Also, following lawn aeration, fertilize your lawn to give your grass extra nutrients and increased health.

3.  Fall Fertilization
If you do not have an Iowa City lawn fertilization program set up, but only fertilize once a year, you should do it in the fall. During cooler temperatures, grass leaves grow slowly but grass roots grow quickly. Therefore, fertilizing in the fall gives the quick growing roots extra nutrients to remain strong and healthy and an extra boost in the spring when temperatures get warmer and the blades of grass start growing again.

lawn-tek fertlization lawn care iowa city ia 522404.  Weed Control Treatments
To help prevent weeds next spring and summer, apply weed control to the lawn during the fall. At this point, weeds are taking in anything they can get to survive. Apply a herbicide to the lawn to get rid of any weeds that have invaded your lawn during the hot summer months when they are most likely to spread.

5.  Repair Lawn Spots & Damage
Many times harsh summer conditions and troubles with insects and grubs have left you with barren spots in your lawn. Fall is the perfect time to repair these areas. Cooler temperatures help new grass take root and by spring you will notice a great difference in these barren or thinning areas. However, don’t forget to properly water the new grass.

raking-2Bleaves6.  Raking Leaves
One of the most dreaded chores during the fall is raking leaves. However, it’s important to get them off the lawn as soon as possible. If you allow leaves to cover your lawn for too long, you risk damaging the grass. Leaves on the ground get wet and heavy from rain and will suffocate the grass underneath if not removed.

Lawn-Tek will gladly help area residents with many of these fall best practices! Contact us at (877) 220-4414 or on our Online Form for a free lawn care quote.

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