Repairing the Lawn in the Fall: Des Moines Lawn Care Tips

des moines fall lawn care

Summer conditions may have left your Des Moines lawn with barren or thinning spots.

Fall is a great time to repair these spots and over seed the lawn. Cooler temperatures are optimal growing conditions that allows your lawn to have a healthy head start in the spring.

lawn spotsThere are various reasons your lawn may have barren are thinning spots:

  • soil compaction
  • pet damage
  • drought
  • chemical burn from misuse of fertilizer
  • lawn diseases
  • grubs
  • lawn pests & insects

Determining the source of thinning or barren lawn spots is important for future preventative lawn care practices.

Preventative Des Moines Lawn Care Tips

IMG_6375Soil compaction is often caused by heavy foot traffic. You could install stepping stones on highly traveled paths to a garden or shed. Also, yearly lawn aeration will also be effective in eliminating compacted soil.

If you find that grubs, lawn pests and insects, chemical burn, or disease is the cause of spots in your lawn, you should set up a Des Moines lawn treatment program that will provide the proper applications at the right times of year.

During the heat of summer, lawns often suffer from drought that leaves the lawn wanting in the fall. To avoid this, you should maintain proper lawn watering practices during the summer.

Best Practices for Repairing Lawn Spots

unhealthy lawnOnce you have determined the cause of your barren or thinning lawn spots, it’s time to start the repair process.

First, clear the area of any debris. Then, you may need to add a layer of topsoil to the area. Grass keeps beneficial topsoil from washing out, so when the area is barren you will likely lose much of the needed soil for new growth.

Next, apply a generous amount of quality bluegrass seed to the area. Now is a great time to also fertilize the area for added nutrients.

Cover with straw to keep the birds away and the seeds moist.

When watering, keep the seeds well watered with a gentle spray. Never drench the soil. Keeping the soil moist will allow new grass roots to enter the soil more easily and prevent the seeds from washing away.

Overseeding the Entire Lawn

lawn areation cedar rapidsSometimes it may be necessary to the entire lawn. Prepare your lawn for by mowing the grass short.

Also, if your soil is compacted, you will also want to have your lawn aerated first to loosen the soil and allow air, water, and nutrients to better reach new seed and grass roots.

Once the lawn has been overseeded, it’s important to keep the soil moist. This will allow the seeds to germinate and take root. Existing grass provides enough cover for the new seeds to stay protected.

Also, it’s important not to mow the lawn until the new seedlings are at least 2 inches high.

Doing all of this in the fall will make a big difference in the spring! You should see a thicker and healthier lawn!

If you are in or the surrounding areas, we’d be happy to give your a for lawn care treatments and aeration this fall. Contact us at (877) 220-4414 or fill out our online form.

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