The Importance of Fall Fertilization & Weed Control


Your lawn has gone through a lot of stress during the summer months with the heat and lack of rain. Now that fall is nearing with cooler temperatures and more rainfall expected, it’s time to start thinking about fertilization and weed control.

Even if you don’t fertilize your lawn at all throughout the rest of the year, doing it in the fall will help your lawn immensely. Giving a dose of good fertilizer during early fall will help your lawn recover from the punishing conditions of summer and enhance root growth. Continuing good lawn care practices during the fall months and applying fertilizer and weed control again in late fall will promote a healthy lawn next spring.

Early fall is also a good time to fertilize trees & shrubs. Just as the lawn suffered from summer dormancy, your trees and shrubs have the same effects. They will also benefit from an application of fertilizer to help root growth. The nutrients from this feeding will remain in the soil next spring when they start to grow again, giving them a head start for a healthy season.

Applying a second round of fertilizer and weed control to the lawn in late fall, before the ground freezes, will give your lawn one last boost of nutrients before it goes back into dormancy for winter. Next spring your lawn will already have the nutrients necessary to start off the season healthy and strong.
It’s quite evident that the purpose for fall fertilization is to help root growth. When your lawn, trees, and shrubs have strong roots, they are healthier and stay beautiful!
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