EPA Approved Lawn Chemicals

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Here at Lawn-Tek, the safety of your children and pets is a top priority. That’s why we make sure that all of our , , , , and lawn treatments are EPA approved.


What does this mean?

All EPA approved pesticides undergo reevaluation for safety every 15 years. The EPA’s approval process includes extensive testing on the acute and chronic toxicity of these chemicals, for cancer-causing properties, and on the chemicals’ persistence in the environment. Without passing all of these tests, lawn chemicals will not be approved and are not safe for your home.


Lawn Treatment Safety

lawn care norwoodville iaYou will want to stay off your lawn until the treatment has dried.

Iowa law requires all lawn treatment companies to post a sign that is to remain in the lawn at least 24-hours, indicating that the lawn has been treated with chemicals.


The Biggest Danger?

The biggest danger to applying chemicals to the lawn is when they are not properly applied. Misreading labels and over applying leads dangerous exposure to these chemicals. Also, exposing your skin to wet chemicals is harmful to your health.

At Lawn-Tek, we train our employees to not only keep your family safe by properly applying each treatment, but they are also held accountable for wearing the proper personal protection equipment.

If you’re unsure about applying lawn treatments, give us a call and we can set up a lawn care program specific to your needs!

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