Creeping Charlie: DOs and DON’Ts

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Creeping Charlie is a stubborn weed that can overtake a lawn very quickly. It’s a difficult weed to get rid of once it gets started. The vines can easily and quickly spread from one lawn to another if not taken care of properly and promptly. It will choke out grass and any other smaller plants, leaving you with a big problem on your hands.

As soon as you start noticing this low-lying weed with purple blue flowers, you should take immediate action. Here are some DOs and DON’Ts for controlling Creeping Charlie:


  • Creeping Charlie loves shaded areas. Try trimming trees or finding ways to introduce more sunlight to the affected area. It should thin out the weed and maybe even get rid of it all together.
  • Use a ground rake or hand weeding tool to manually removed Creeping Charlie.
  • Have a regular lawn care schedule to keep existing lawn and soil healthy. Thick and healthy grass will crowd out weeds like Creeping Charlie.
  • If Creeping Charlie has invaded your plant beds, manually remove the weed with a ground rake or hand weeding tool. Try to remove as much of the remaining weed debris as possible to prevent regeneration of the plant. Add 2-3 inches of wood mulch to the top of your plant bed to help suffocate any remaining Creeping Charlie.
  • Contact Lawn-Tek to apply a lawn treatment for removal of this weed.


  • DO NOT use a hoe or tiller to remove Creeping Charlie. Little bits and pieces of the weed will regenerate and you will end with a larger problem than you started with.
  • DO NOT mow over Creeping Charlie with out a bagging system attached. The small pieces will spread and cause your infestation to grow rapidly.

Creeping Charlie is a very stubborn weed to get rid of and many homeowners may not have the time keep this weed from spreading. At , we know the proper weed control treatment and steps necessary to keep these types of weeds out of your lawn. Then you can spend your free time doing the things you enjoy!

If you are interested in a free quote on your Creeping Charlie problem or other weed control, please contact us today. Lawn-Tek is dedicated to helping the metro area with their lawn care & maintenance needs.
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