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Creeping charlie is perhaps one of the peskiest weeds you could have in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

It is a broadleaf weed that thrives in moist, shaded areas.

While creeping charlie is difficult to get rid of, with the right weed control applications, it certainly is not impossible to eliminate.

Lawn Care Tip: How to Identify Creeping Charlie in Cedar Rapids

creeping charlie weeds flowerCreeping charlie is often referred to as ground ivy because of it’s appearance and growth patterns.

The leaves are round and have scalloped edges and produce small purple flowers.

It covers the ground like a mat and continues to spread across the surface through nodes in the leaves that grow roots when they come in contact with the soil.

Tips for Preventing Creeping Charlie

lawn-care-mowing2Like most weeds, creeping charlie thrives in unhealthy lawns. Maintaining good lawn care practices will keep your lawn healthy.

Be sure to use proper mowing practices like correct mower height and maintaining sharp blades.

Also, be careful of over watering your lawn. This weakens the grass roots and lessens their resilience from being overtaken by weeds.

Fertilization will also strengthen your lawn by feeding it nutrients that promote growth and make the lawn lush and green.

How to Get Rid of Creeping Charlie in the Lawn

creeping charlie cedar rapidsThe nodes that grow from each of the leaves make this weed control extremely difficult.

Unless you catch it early, you can’t hand pick this weed because each node will continue to grow roots and spread.

Creeping charlie grows most actively during early fall, making it the best time to apply a herbicide. This will weaken the weed and make it difficult to survive in the winter.

An application in the spring will also help to prevent growth and kill off the weed in it early stages of growth.

If you have creeping charlie in plant and flower beds, you can hand pull the weeds after rain or watering to soften the soil.

You can also cover the weed with landscape fabric or a thick layer of mulch. Keep a close eye for new weeds popping up and remove them immediately.

Weed Control Treatments in Cedar Rapids

IMG_6375Weeds can be very damaging on the lawn, not only for grass health, but also for curb appeal.

Weed control and home lawn care can be extremely difficult, especially when you don’t see the results you want.

That’s why our experienced lawn technicians are trained to apply a series of strategically timed treatments that guarantee results for your lawn.

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