Emerald Ash Borer Treatment for Cedar Rapids Area

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a metallic-green insect native to Asia. The adult beetle is approximately 1/2 inch long and 1/8 inch wide. The Beetle was first spotted in Iowa in 2010 and has since spread extensively across the state.

The adult EAB emerges from infested ash trees via D-shaped holes. EAB larvae leave s-shaped galleries as they tunnel through the layer immediately under the bark, damaging the tree’s ability to transport nutrients and water. Symptoms of EAB include a thinning of the tree’s crown, suckers that shoot up from the base of the tree, and woodpecker activity.

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emerald ash borer treatmentLawn-Tek has been helping Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area communities plan for and respond to Emerald Ash Borer. Our Tree, Shrub, and Lawn Care Specialists have almost 20 years of experience in detecting, preventing, and treating trees for diseases and insects, such as EAB.

The key is treating the Ash trees before they have become infested or in the very earliest stages of infestation. You also need to know that treating affected trees will need to occur every 2 years once the insects have reached your locale. Lawn-Tek can treat ash trees in the spring, once the tree begins to bud. We treat by applying Tree-Age, an insecticide developed by Aborjet, by drilling small holes in the trunk of the tree, and injecting the insecticide.

Prices are very affordable, starting at $100.00 a tree.

If you're interested in receiving a custom bid from one of our Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area Emerald Ash Borer Treatment experts, simply complete our online quote request form and someone will call you promptly to set up an appointment. Or call right now to set an appointment: 319-310-1553