Aeration for Cedar Rapids Area

Our Cedar Rapids Lawn Aeration experts strongly recommend aeration for all lawns once each year. Lawn Aeration reduces soil compaction. Soil compaction basically means that the soil is smashed tightly together, making it difficult for water, air, nutrients, and your grass’ roots to get down into the dirt.



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Benefits of Lawn Aeration

tree shrub care cedar rapidsReduced soil compaction
tree shrub care cedar rapidsImproved water penetration
tree shrub care cedar rapidsImproved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere
tree shrub care cedar rapidsImproved fertilizer uptake and use
tree shrub care cedar rapidsReduced water runoff
tree shrub care cedar rapidsImproved rooting
tree shrub care cedar rapidsImproved resiliency and cushioning
tree shrub care cedar rapidsEnhanced thatch breakdown

lawn areation cedar rapidsSoil Compaction is quite common in the Cedar Rapids area. Compaction can be caused by a number of things – excessive traffic, hard rainfalls, rainfalls that cause flooding and/or standing water. Everyone has seen the bare spots on the playground under a child’s swing. That’s an extreme case of lawn compaction, caused by lots of little feet pounding on it. It’s so smashed together that nothing will grow there, not even weeds. Another example would be an area by a fence where a dog constantly runs back and forth.

Lawn Aeration loosens the soil by taking 1 ½-1" diameter by 4-6" long plugs out of the ground. Once your lawn has been aerated, it is also a great time to OVERSEED (to aid in thickening up your lawn), or APPLY A GOLF COURSE GRADE FERTILIZER.

Lawn Aeration costs as low as $60.00

If you would like to schedule an aerating job or see exactly how much it would cost, simply complete our online quote request form. Or Call us today at 319-310-1553 to speak to one of our Cedar Rapids Lawn Care experts who can give you an estimate right over the phone!

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