Bug Control: What You Should Know about Japanese Beetles

Pest Control Japanese Beetles Cedar Rapids

This is the time of year when the Japanese beetles come out and start wrecking havoc on plants. Beginning in late June and lasting for 4 to 6 weeks into July and August, Japanese beetles can cause great destruction to your landscape.

Japanese Beetle Life Cycle

japanese beetles cedar rapidsWhen Japanese beetles emerge from the ground in late June, they burrow 2-3 inches in the ground and begin laying eggs. By late August, these grubs are almost full size and will spend the next 10 months in the soil. Grubs feed on grass roots and cause extensive damage to lawns. They also attract other predators such as moles, skunks, and crows who feed on the grubs.

Areas with steady amounts of rainfall or lawns that are irrigated are optimal for grubs as they can withstand high ground moisture. Excessive rainfall and heavy watering do not bother them.

Control & Treatment

Both grubs and Japanese beetles can cause damage to your lawn and landscape. Early detection is key to preventing damage from grubs. Controlling grub requires properly timed treatments to an infested lawn. If you’re unsure if you have grubs, would be happy to come out and diagnose your lawn problem and give suggestion treatment options.

Pest Control Cedar RapidsSome plants that are extremely prone to damage by Japanese beetles are roses, grapes, lindens, sassafras, Norway maple, Japanese maple, purple-leaf plum, and more. Fortunately, many common trees and shrubs are less attractive to these pests. Careful consideration to plants should be given in areas where Japanese beetles are known problems.

Japanese beetles can be physically removed from small plants by gently shaking the plant in the morning when the beetles are less alert. The beetles may be killed by shaking them into a bucket of soapy water. However, in highly infested areas, we suggest further treatment by a professional. Contact us today for help.

If you are interested in a free quote on nuisance & surface feeding pest treatments, please contact us today. Lawn-Tek is dedicated to helping the metro area with Japanese Beetle problems and their lawn care & maintenance needs.

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