How to Effectively Maintain a Beautiful Lawn

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There are many things that can be done to keep your lawn healthy and the envy of your neighbors. While fertilizers and weed control treatments are beneficial, mowing in the most effective way will keep the lawn happy and healthy too.

Mower Height

Mowing grass at the proper height is vital to lawn health but varies based on the grass type, time of year and growing conditions. Naturally, turf requires frequent mowing during peak growing seasons. During drought conditions, it’s recommended to maintain grass at a taller height. Taller grass can reach water more effectively because of it’s deeper root system. Taller grass also shades soil and helps with water loss and prevents weeds.

_d284c1a0_Sharp Mower Blades

Disease, discoloration, and dead grass can result from mowing with dull blades. Grass that has been mowed with a crisp, clean cut will recover more quickly. If the tips of your grass look frayed and yellowed after mowing, it’s time to sharpen the blades. Sharp blades also reduce the time it takes to mow. Dull blades tend to pull the grass rather than cut it, causing more resistance.

Grass Clippings

With a proper mowing schedule, grass clippings are not harmful to the lawn, they are actually beneficial. The clippings add nutrients back into the soil as they decompose. However, clippings should be collected if the lawn is overgrown and leave clumps on the lawn. Grass clippings should also be collected if a lawn disease is present to prevent spreading of the disease.

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