How to Protect Yourself from an Ant Invasion

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In the metro area, many homeowners are being faced with an invasion of ants in their lawns. Not only do these little insects make the yard look not so appealing, they can also cause damage if they are not dealt with correctly.

Damage Caused by Ants

You wouldn’t think that those tiny insects could cause so much damage to a lawn, but when you get whole colonies of them together in the right conditions, they can be quite destructive. Lawns that are already struggling with bare patches are great breeding grounds for ants. They will build their nests in these bare patches and as they increase and keep building, the bare patches will likely become worse. They also like to make their homes in patio walkways and between paving. An infestation in pathways and paved areas can cause problems over time. As the ants tunnel and network under you walkway and patio, the soil and sand can become displaced enough to make the paving collapse or become uneven. We suggest dealing with ants as soon as possible before extensive damage occurs.

_a3f3fe11_Where Ants Thrive

Ants love sandy conditions. This is why they love to build nests and tunnel under paved areas where there is a lot of sand which was used as a base. Bare patches and sandy soil in your lawn are the perfect areas for ants to start building their network.

A lawn that is in healthy condition will be an unlikely home for ants. We highly recommend keeping your lawn in good health by having a yearly fertilization and weed control program to keep the ants away so that you do not have to deal with an infestation down the road.

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