Ant Control For Cedar Rapids Area Lawns

ant control cedar rapids

Ants are one of the most common lawn insects in the and areas. Not only can they destroy your lawn, they also make their way into your house and become a huge nuisance. Ants are most troublesome during hot and dry weather. While the ants themselves are not harmful to your lawn, their ant hills do cause damage.

Damage from lawn ants is caused by:

  • Grass roots become exposed, killing the lawn
  • Uneven areas in your lawn, making it more difficult to mow
  • Ant hills smother the grass, not allowing it to get proper sunlight

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Lawn and Treat an Infestation

unhealthy lawnAnts thrive in unhealthy and stressed lawns. Therefore, the most important way to prevent an insect problem is to keep a regular lawn care maintenance schedule. Regular fertilization and weed control will keep grass healthy and occasional lawn aeration will prevent soil compaction that may cause bare spots in the lawn. Also, cut your grass at the right height and water the lawn only as necessary.

The most effective way to get rid of an ant problem in the lawn is by applying an insecticide. Ants build their nests, ant hills, in the lawn and may work their way toward your house. Foraging ants enter homes looking for food and water. It is best to exterminate them while they are outside your house. Ants cannot detect the presence of most insecticides and unknowingly ingest it and take it back to the rest of the colony.

Repairing a Lawn After Ant Damage Has Occurred

Once ants have been treated and are gone from the lawn, we would then recommend planting grass seed in the barren areas. You will want to level off the ant hills in the lawn and add new top soil to the area. Plant grass seed and ensure that it receives the proper amount of water. To prevent future ant outbreaks, begin a lawn maintenance program that will keep your lawn healthy.

We understand how important lawn pest control is for your family and pets. We are ready and prepared with effective treatments to keep your lawn healthy and insect free. Contact us at 319-310-1553 or on our online request form for a .

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