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Now that summer is nearing the end, it’s time to start thinking about fall aeration in and .

With weather that is just right, not too hot and not too cold, it’s the perfect time to give the lawn an extra boost of air and nutrients before winter hits.

Signs That Your Lawn Needs Aeration in Waterloo & Cedar Falls

aeration-plugsOver time, there are a variety to factors that cause your soil to become compacted.

Soil compaction prevents air, nutrients, and water from reaching grass roots and promoting healthy growth.

Lawn aeration opens up the soil by removing plugs and providing air to the roots.

How do you know if your soil is compacted?

  • Try sticking a screwdriver into the soil. If it will not go in, this is a good sign that your soil is compacted.
  • Keep a close eye on thatch. Thatch is a layer of dead grass between the soil and green grass blades that prevents anything from getting to the soil. Watch out for thatch layers that are more than 1/2″ thick.
  • If you see puddles of water in your lawn after rain, this is also a sign that your soil is compacted so much that water will not soak in.

How Does Lawn Aeration Help?

An aerator pulls up 2-3″ plugs of soil that are spaced approximately 4″ apart. This breaks up the compacted soil and thatch areas, allowing the lawn to “breathe”.

Now the turf will be able to receive fertilizer, water, and air. After your lawn has been aerated, it’s also a great time to consider overseeding in areas where the grass is thin.

In 6-8 weeks you should be seeing new, thicker grass that is healthier and greener!



Feeling a Little Overwhelmed?

It’s okay. Our lawn specialists are very well trained and experienced to cover your lawn care needs in Waterloo and Cedar Falls.

Not only do we know the signs to look for that make lawn aeration necessary, but we also know how to properly use the equipment so that you lawn will receive full benefit of aeration.

Our lawn care specialists will also advise you on a lawn fertilization program that will be most beneficial to your needs following areation. Continuing with proper fertilization is a great way to that your always lawn looks it’s best!

Also, with The Lawn-Tek Guarantee, we ensure that you are satisfied when we are finish. If you ever have any problems with your lawn, we’ll make it right!

Contact our Waterloo & specialists at toll free (877) 220-4414 or fill out our online request form and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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